When Does Faith Intersect Practice?


I know a lot. I can recite the books of the Bible. I know whole passages of Scripture. I know rules of grammar and how to make an incredible Italian Cream Cake. I even know how to make healthy choices in food and exercise (though knowing it doesn’t mean I do it).

Can you relate? Sometimes the 14 inches from my brain to my heart might as well be a thousand. I can know a whole lot of stuff, but it doesn’t mean it changes how I live. My wise husband, who has been ministering to teens for more than 20 years, says, “We are educated beyond our obedience.” Knowing isn’t enough.

So, how do we move from “knowing” to “living” our faith?

How do we inspire people to move past reciting liturgy to living transformed lives? That is the mission of true stewardship!

Stewardship teaches people more than how to have a budget – it teaches them how to live their faith. It gets down into the nitty-gritty of life – like when there is more month than money and instead of pulling out your credit card, you look to the Lord as your Provider. It speaks to what it means to love in the face of persecution or rejection.

Stewardship is the intersection of faith and practice.

Stewardship is about caring for our bodies, God’s creation, and even allowing Him to use our disappointments, losses, and mistakes. It is realizing resources beyond those we would traditionally recognize and responding to the circumstances of life with renewed faith.

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