The God Guarantee

Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough

Can you relate to the feeling that there’s just never enough?

That sense of scarcity from his own story led Reimagine’s Founder, Jack Alexander, to write The God Guarantee. Confronting underlying fear and scarcity is step 1 in becoming free to be generous with all we are and all we have.

Our world is driven by scarcity, isolation and doubt, we battle the fear of not having enough —whether it’s money, time, relationships or margin. In times of loss and pain, we’re tempted to believe we’re alone or that we have to provide for ourselves.

The God Guarantee reveals the four-part pattern of God’s provision that Jesus follows in the Feeding of the 5,000. Stepping into this pattern transforms how we experience God’s promise of abundance, inspiring faith and hope, even in seemingly broken and hopeless circumstances.


Find freedom from the “never enough” feeling through 4 simple steps you can take today!

The Video Experience walks you through real-life stories of challenge, pain, and loss as well as hope, freedom and security in God’s provision. Jack shares stories with people of all walks of life from television stars to parents, students, pastors and business leaders.

What we all have in common is that life brings pain and sometimes triggers doubt and isolation, which war with our faith.

Hear stories of navigating the loss of a spouse, addictions, abusive relationships, homelessness, racial injustice, death of a parent, and health problems. Each week, we include questions and  to help you see God’s provision in your story in a new way.



Discover the Secret to Always Having Enough

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The 4 easy-to-engage parts of the pattern of provision:


Everything in creation is designed to be MORE

Unlocking God’s unlimited capacity, as we trust His vision of what could be in ourselves, in others and in our circumstances.


Inviting God into our experiences and effort

Transformation becomes possible when we welcome God and His holiness into every area of life. He is making all things new.


Life is reordered to draw us toward God

Even through painful and confusing seasons in the wilderness, God promises purpose in our pain and healing through brokenness.


Blessed to bless others with our lives and our resources

God brings new and even unexpected relationships and opportunities as we seek to serve others and share His love.

Endorsement & Stories

  • Jack confronts the problem of fear directly in order to clear the way for a life of vision, durability, joy and generosity.

    Tim Keller
    Author, The Reason for God, and many more. Tim also wrote the foreword of The God Guarantee
  • The God Guarantee exposes fear as the enemy of generous living and giving.

    Randy Alcorn
    Author of The Treasure Principle