3 reasons to begin with mercy

3 Reasons to Respond with Mercy First

We live in a world full of people who have bought in to bad doctrine. People who bring serious harm to their health, relationships, and finances as they follow worldly wisdom instead of sound biblical principles. When we witness this kind of behavior, we often find ourselves eager to respond with truth. We feel compelled...
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Ideology Does Not Set Anyone Free

A recent Barna study revealed that only 17% of Christians believe it’s their job to show mercy. Most thought the work should fall to churches, nonprofits, and government programs. Has the church over-indexed on truth at the expense of biblical mercy? I believe it has, and here’s why that’s a problem. The unique thing about...
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“And who is my neighbor?”

That was the question a religious leader asked, prompting Jesus to share a short parable we fondly refer to as The Good Samaritan. We’ve all heard this story. We’ve all been touched by it. But most of us forget the two verses that come after. Some of us, despite a lifetime in church, have never even...
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The power of mercy in an unmerciful world

Barna Group and Author Jack Alexander Discover a Compromised View of Mercy

A recent nationwide study by Barna Group and author Jack Alexander concluded that 83% of Christians do NOT believe that mercy is their individual responsibility, but rather the responsibility of churches and non-profits. Yet, when surveyed, the pastors of churches overwhelmingly thought that the recipients of mercy should be the poor and victims in distress rather than...
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12 Bible Verses about Mercy

Take a look at these Bible verses about mercy to see all that God promises if we care for and show mercy to others. I believe mercy, the kind God believes in, has the power to heal relationships, to restore communities, and to empower God’s people to experience his goodness in a fresh and needed...
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