Imagine…Easter Going Viral

We all know Easter is about sacrifice. A few years ago, I set out to capture the sacrifice of Easter in a film. After three months, “Bullseye” was born. My church, Perimeter Church in Atlanta, used this film in their 2013 Easter service and received a wonderful response. I was pleased with the feedback, but...
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Are You Striving to be a Napkin?

Have you ever asked, “How do I measure up?” Everyone wants to be important, to be respected and to be influential. Most people graduate from school with an idea of success and a desire to pursue it. But what if influence in God’s Kingdom is different? What if our faith transformed our definition of success...
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Fighting for Influence Over Culture

We live in a secularized, humanistic, human-centric, and technological culture. In it, the church is fighting for influence. Many people don’t really want to hear about Christianity. They have seen the scandals and the hypocrisy and they doubt “religion” is real. We believe generosity may be the final apologetic in our culture and the most...
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Hard Wired for Giving

I was struck by a Wall Street Journal article that explains recent neuroscientist and NIH studies, which investigate where empathy and generosity originate in the brain. Dr. Grafman and his colleague, Jorge Moll, were referenced in the article. Grafman is at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and is director of brain injury research. They found...
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