“People who had never tithed during campaign started tithing. Huge impact! “

Aaron Gower

I felt like it was not telling someone what they were supposed to do, but showing them the opportunity; showing them the heart behind generosity. And that’s been our focus all along: the heart. Not presenting the responsibility—‘this is what you have to do!’  but instead ‘Listen, and the Holy Spirit will tell you what you need to do.

Sidney Brock

“Our membership attending and responded above my expectations!!! 70% of our members involved themselves in feeding the homeless, helping out the poor, and working in homeless thrift store.”

John Hamilton

“The number of people attending the program exceeded our expectations and there was a lot of buzz around the church about the design and delivery of the program. We are looking to run it again in the fall to include young adults and youth”

Monica Eboda

“It opened eyes to the spiritual dimensions of generosity —that it’s not really about money but about our hearts”

Dr. Brian Germano

Eyes were opened to the heart of gospel inspired generosity….The videos really captured folks attention and encouraged them to think more about the heart of generous living.

Phil Heiser

“It was a new approach to helping the members of the congregation talk about faithful giving. The top quality of the video clips. They were exceptional…The videos created a lot of excitement. people found the use of videos and discussion interesting….We ended the year in the black. The first time in 4-5 years.  ”

Rev. Lyle Horn

We saw many people respond to videos, [and we had a] great response in terms of giving. Many made commitments of time, treasure, and talent. 

Gary Haddock

All the stewardship resources I reviewed focused on money. I felt Living Generously didn’t.

 I saw folks open their hearts to new ways of viewing generosity.
Rick Nollmann

“The Living Generously series laid down a very positive message of what discipleship and stewardship is. It was an answer to my prayer. The Living Generously series touched the hearts of many concerning what it means to be a disciple. Stewardship is all of life; and it always begins with our relationship with Jesus Christ. The series portrayed that well.

Dan Kilts

“Giving is up, but more important is the commitment and movement of the Holy Spirit in our people.  We are currently meeting our budget for this year for the first time. And we have a number of ministries we are doing and trying to start that will hopefully impact the community, and response is very good.  The story format really personalized the ideas for us, and made them easier to apply.’”

Michael Thompson

All the materials fit together so well. Everyone loved the Donovan family.And the message hit home. Many comments that it was the best stewardship we have ever done.

Bill Funderburk
“I felt supported by the coaching call and I was provided with so much of what I might need—graphics, tweets, and all good stuff. ”

David Jungnickel

People keep coming up with the phrase, “you are living generously.” They got it!

George Hamilton

There was a weekly anticipation as to “what will happen with the Donovan family?!” in the film.

Dale Christian

We saw many people begin to develop a very practical, “now I get it” approach to their stewardship of everything in their lives….The videos are quite compelling.

Rick Gates

People’s hearts began to open to the whole concept of Living Generously.

Paul Woolverton

So many people spoke with me talking about how much they appreciated the sermon series. It was a new way to get people to think beyond just writing a check and how we can begin to live a life that truly is life.

Trey Posey

The point of this series to me was a pastor attempting to lead his members into a closer relationship with God and to have them see the world from the same viewpoint and perspective God does.

Pastor Karl Burkhardt

We got our hearts & minds more comfortable with the joy of giving! Many members also commented how it definitely changed the way that they looked at offering and serving.

Peter Cook

A significant number of members commented oh how much the were moved by the combination of the video and the sermons to bring the point home week after week.

Kurt Pasko

Thanks to Living Generously teachings. Many lives are changed forever.

Henry Bello

“Our church is in the most depressed area in Georgia. People have lost jobs. Finances have impacted marriages. It’s terrible. At one point last year the church got down to $350 in the bank. It may seem strange to do a series on generosity for a people struggling with making ends meet, but we did it right after Thanksgiving – running up to Christmas to tie into God’s generous gift in Christ. After the series we had a record December and a record January for giving. We now have $52,000 in the bank. We did a project alongside the Living Generously campaign to raise money for Feed My Starving Children. We raised enough money to pay for 7000 meals and 180 of the 300 people in our church did the hands-on packing to send the meals. The series helped teach this flock that giving is a heart issue… not just an obedience issue. When our hearts changed, our visions changed, attitudes changed and lives changed.”

Jim Suddath

People were moved to consider how fully they were living out their lives in response to God’s love for them.

Rick Long

Saw people thinking about generosity in a whole different light. People in small groups, began to look at life differently…..People were engaged–[Living Generously] pulled their hearts in.

Lynette Schulz

The videos were so well done and we were able to relate to them. There were so many resources for us to use….Members were very engaged with the video series. The response to the videos and the sermons were very positive.

Jean Mersiovsky

I, like most pastors, dislike talking money. The great thing about these videos is that you never really talk about money you talk about stewardship through sacrificial giving, through serving, and giving of your talents. I have not preached on money, not one time, and yet we have seen major increase in our giving.

Dr. Ternae T. Jordan

“This series was phenomenal. Giving is up 20-25%… people started tithing and giving more in general… the church has taken the excess and reinvested it in ministry to widows and elderly on fixed incomes. It even started a series of new ministries: A Sunday School class has initiated a health fair for the community. One small group found out that 73% of kids in a nearby elementary school did not have a hot meal over the weekend… one person wrote a check to cover hot meals for kids for a month. The small group tries to provide for one schoolroom class per week… A different group started partnering with a local hotel to provide rooms for people in need… they send a bus each week to the hotel now and bring people to services. And they started a meal after church to feed these guests after the service. The church had never taken ownership of this type of thing before.”

Fred Smith

Incredible engagement in weekend worship and increased involvement in both giving and service opportunities.

Brad Hubbard