Redefining Stewardship

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The definition of stewardship that we use at Reimagine is:

Trusting in the promises of God, to deploy the gifts and resources of God, to accomplish the mission of God for the glory of God.

I want to share with you the thinking behind our definition. Stewardship, at its foundation, is trusting in God to do what He says He will do. God has given us thousands of promises in Scripture. One day, I thought “if Bank of America gave me a $1 million letter of credit, it would be an asset on my personal balance sheet.” God’s credit worthiness cannot even be compared to a bank, but how many Christians do not see His promises to us as an asset every bit as real as the letter of credit?

For 20 years, I worked for a billionaire. He and I started two companies together, which I ran. I found, as time passed, that I was comfortable taking greater risks – greater than I would have taken if it was my money. Having a billionaire backing me made me brave and the companies flourished beyond our wildest imaginations. That experience changed my life.

Now think about that in terms of stewardship. My billionaire partner paled in comparison with my God. I don’t know if you can relate, but I have often been limited because of a scarcity mindset. I was raised in a situation without a dad or resources, and we often didn’t have enough. As an adult, I found that no mater how much money I had, it never seemed like enough. Fear of running out or not having enough limited me and stunted my stewardship. But as I began to see God more clearly, my faith grew. I began to take greater and greater Kingdom risks with time, relationships and resources for His glory.

Knowing God makes me brave.

We want to teach people to be like the wiseman by building on a rock foundation of faith in God so that the rest of life is solid. When we steward our resources, relationships, time, energy – all of our lives as a gift from God to be used in serving God – joy follows. Any definition of stewardship that doesn’t include your whole-life is lacking.

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