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Jack Alexander has a heart and passion for the Lord and for His Kingdom. He has cofounded and built business services and technology companies ranging from 4 to 6,000 employees. Currently, he runs The Reimagine Group, an organization that creates high quality resources for the church market. In 2014, Reimagine began development of an innovative communal learning software platform, onQ, created to service areas of the market that include and extend beyond the church.

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Video Samples from The God Guarantee Book & Course

What's Different About Jack

and how he can serve you.

Reimagines the Conventional

As an entrepreneur, Jack sees patterns where others see chaos. His experience enables a unique vision into the essence of what God is seeking for us and from us. Jack is willing to ask both heart-engaging and thought-provoking questions about things we’ve always heard about in church. He approaches issues with a refreshing, God-honoring curiosity.

Engages New Conversations

Our culture demands new ways to connect and engage with spiritual transformation. Powered by theonQ technology, Jack invites new dialogue for people to learn more about Kingdom living and how to truly love others. This process encourages growth and exploration to become all that God designed us to be while we share our stories and experiences in vulnerable communities.

Multimedia Resources

Jack is passionate about creating story-driven short film series, studies and books to share what God is doing in his heart to help others apply biblical truth in love with community. His books and courses are full of personal stories of pain, challenge and hope. He shares how God has met him in the most desperate places, inviting a deep, intimate relationship.

The God Guarantee

Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough

In a world driven by scarcity, isolation and doubt, the messages all around us tell us to be afraid and it’s easy to believe them.

Most of us have battled the feeling that there’s “never enough” in some aspect of our lives…whether it’s money, time, relationships or margin. In times of loss and pain, we wonder what the secret is to accessing the abundance that Jesus promises. The God Guarantee transforms how you see the seemingly broken and hopeless areas of life and invites you to a new experience of God’s provision…in the 4-part pattern that is revealed in the book and course.


What People Are Saying

A good challenge to all of us longing to serve God but finding ourselves in places of fear of truly following Him. Through biblical examples and personal stories, Jack explains the goodness of God’s design and our need to resist the mentality of scarcity in our lives. The God Guarantee is an excellent read for those wanting to go deeper in generosity, vulnerability and community.

Patrick R.

My wife and I were so blessed by this book and are recommending it to all our leaders. When you get trapped in your false self and in a scarcity mindset, life quickly loses its purpose and your vision becomes small. This book helps open up the heart and mind to the amazing capacity of everything God has made and God’s desire to see us flourish.

Jeff L.

Jack understands the hidden motivation behind our actions of generosity or lack thereof. He takes you though his story and journey of discovery of what makes a successful steward in God’s economy. Jack lives his message and speaks volumes in a humble voice. This is a ‘must read’ for men and women serious about their goal of hearing the words “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Rachel C.


Full Bio

Jack’s spiritual journey involves losing his father at age 9 to coming into faith in his mid-20’s at a small church in Melbourne, Australia where he was challenged to give away his last $1,000. Trained as a CPA, he worked for a leading international accounting firm. Through this experience, a European client hired him and together they started two companies, BCD Travel and TRX, which grew to over 6,000 employees and $350 million in revenues. Both companies enjoyed recurring appearances on the Inc. 500 and won awards for innovation. As CEO of BCD Travel from 1987 to 2002, Jack lead the organization as it grew to the 2nd largest corporate travel company in the U.S. Simultaneously, Jack acquired a technology firm, TRX, which created transaction-processing software for the travel industry. Under his leadership, TRX grew from just 4 programmers to over 1,000 employees and generated more than $50 million in revenue. The company was ultimately purchased by Concur.

In 1999, Jack was awarded Ernst & Young’s National Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Principle Centered Leadership. Business Travel News selected Jack six times as one of the top 25 most influential executives in the travel and hospitality industries.  In 2005, Jack was awarded the Family Honors Award by the Georgia Center for Opportunity as a businessperson who made a positive impact on the American family.

In 2005, Jack purchased an architectural software company, Tectonic, out of bankruptcy. Tectonic developed a virtual library and costing products for the architectural industry. Fourteen months later, he negotiated the sale of the company to Reed Elsevier. He then became CEO of Last Minute Tee-Times, the 2nd largest online tee-time organization in the country. He helped restructure the company and negotiate a very successful sale to Comcast. Then, in 2010, Jack became Vice Chairman and Partner of The Rainmaker Group Ventures, LLC. The company grew to be the largest revenue management software system for apartments in the country.

Due to his versatile background in ministry and business, Jack speaks in a variety of settings. Redeemer Church invited Jack as the keynote speaker at their annual Entrepreneurship Forum in New York City.  He has been a lead speaker at the annual Hospitality Prayer Breakfast in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has also spoken at events and conferences for Souly Business, Generous Giving, Kingdom Advisors, NCF and Crown Ministries.  On a number of occasions, he has delivered messages in local churches, as well as consulting with pastors.

He has been married to Lisa for 37 years: they have three grown sons and five grandchildren.

The Reimagine Group

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