Stewardship is trusting in the promises of God, to deploy the resources of God, to accomplish the mission of God, for the glory of God.

Engaging 9-week deep dive into a holistic understanding of stewardship.



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Lesson 1: The Promises of God

The Promises of God – What do promises have to do with stewardship? Well, what if we told you that promises are actually assets we can count on? Would that change your “net worth”? Pastor and teacher Chip Ingram takes a look at the promises God gives us, and how we can begin to access them.

Lesson 2: The Mission of God

What is the goal of Stewardship? Wealth? Charitable giving? How do we make sure we’re stewarding our resources towards the right end? Jack Alexander, founder of the Reimagine Group and social entrepreneur Jeff Shinabarger help unpack the mission of God – and how we can align with Him.

Lesson 3: The Truth About Money

Most of our ideas about stewardship tend to revolve around money – and for good reason – it’s a powerful and seductive resource! But what is the truth about money? How should it be used? What are the dangers of it? Business owner Alan Barnhart speaks from experience to help us understand the truth about money and what it does for and in us.

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Lesson 4: Freedom from Debt

What are some practical plans for reducing our debts? Is it possible to live debt free? Pastor Darryl Ford unpacks the theology of debt, while Karen Blue Guess, a financial expert, helps us navigate through practical ways to handle it.

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Lesson 5: Stewarding Your Calling

Who are you, and what were you made for? Understanding your calling – your strengths and your weaknesses – is vital to stewarding your entire life towards God’s mission. Author Rebekah Lyons explores what is means to steward your calling.

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Lesson 6: Stewarding Your Relationships

If stewardship is about more than money, then we realize we’re called to steward resources we’ve never before considered as assets. Grace from God, an unending resource, can be deployed in our relationships in a meaningful way. Author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn looks at what it means to be stewards of God’s grace with intentional relationships.

Lesson 7: Stewarding Your Work

What do we spend most of our time doing? Working. And while it’s simple to say work leads to resources to steward, what if work itself was a resource we could deploy towards God’s mission? Dr. Amy Sherman unpacks how we can change our perspective on work – not as a curse or a means to an end – but as a lens through which we can see God’s Kingdom.

Lesson 8: Stewarding Your Worldview

The way in which we see the world is built on the truths we hold. So how can we use God’s Truth to form a true worldview? And how do we steward that as an asset towards God’s mission? How do we handle the truth? Pastors Dr. Michael Youssef and Randy Pope look at what it means to hold and steward a Biblical worldview.

Lesson 9: Stewarding God's Creation

One of God’s biggest gifts to us is creation itself. So how are we to steward it? Matthew Sleeth, author and creation care advocate, shares his family’s story and asks the question, “What would it look like if you committed to loving God by loving what He loves?”

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Bonus Lesson 1: The Life of a Steward

What does the Bible say about budgeting? How should we handle our money on a daily basis? Pastor Darryl Ford brings us the theology behind daily budgeting, while Karen Blue Guess, a financial expert, helps us navigate through some practical budget tips with a Kingdom perspective.

Bonus Lesson 2: Investing in God's Mission

When it comes to investments, everything seems to promise low risk and high returns. But what does the Bible say about investing? How do we know what makes a wise investment? Join financial advisor Janice Thompson as she gives us a Biblical basis for investing, as well as practical tips on how to do so wisely.

Bonus Lesson 3: Stewarding Your Life Plan

If true stewardship involves every aspect of our lives, what’s the best way to put it into action? How do we develop a life plan that sets in place goals and accountability to push us towards the good and faithful life? Pastor David McNeely, with a heart for training families towards a life lived for God, brings together all we’ve learned and shows us how to put it into action.

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