Because generosity is about more than money;
stewardship is about more than budgets;
and discipleship is about more than static studies.

Equipping you to REIMAGINE generosity, stewardship, and discipleship by applying Biblical truth to inspire faithful action.

Because faith should make you live differently.

Reimagine Generosity offers 3 series that each combine film and teaching for 5 weeks to move your congregation from transactional to relational to sacrificial giving. Each series is a church-wide experience.

Reimagine Stewardship is a 9-week interactive online course designed to equip individuals to practically apply Biblical truth in everyday life. This is ideally suited for small groups and Sunday school classes.

Reimagine Discipleship brings Biblical truth alive through story, inspiring deeper understanding and discussions. Paired with follow-up study guides, it serves small groups and whole congregations.