Fighting for Influence Over Culture

We live in a secularized, humanistic, human-centric, and technological culture. In it, the church is fighting for influence. Many people don’t really want to hear about Christianity. They have seen the scandals and the hypocrisy and they doubt “religion” is real. We believe generosity may be the final apologetic in our culture and the most powerful defender of our faith. When words are often held in suspect, actions living out our faith are harder to deny. Seeing is believing.

Take, for example, a family that adopted three handicapped children from China. They are often asked why they give time and resources to taking care of handicapped children. They now have an opportunity to share their faith with credibility. Faith as a motive for generosity is irrefutable.

Miserly Christians miss the opportunity to testify. When we limit our giving to a certain percentage and do so begrudgingly, the world is not surprised or impacted by our giving. With the amount of work we do with churches, one thing we hear over and over again is the discouragement. Many congregations have too little time, money, resources, energy to focus on true generosity.

We want to equip churches to influence the culture in their communities through generosity. Our prayer is that God will use our efforts as part of His revitalizing work in His church around the world. As people open their eyes to the resources they have, and deploy those resources for God’s kingdom, we see the opportunity for not just individual transformation but community transformation. Ultimately we’re looking at building a culture of generosity, which starts with equipping churches.

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