Family Life Inventory

It’s the time of year for reflecting and considering the multi-faceted ways God is making Himself present in your life. If you and your family were to sit down and really think about it, are you maximizing the gifts God has given you in order to help others? These gifts may include: time, talent, treasures, testimony, spiritual understanding, experience, knowledge, space, passion, tools or technology.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to take an inventory of what you currently have that can be utilized more effectively:

  1. How are we using (or not using) our house effectively?
  2. Where is the unused space in our house? Is there a way that we can leverage that for other people?
  3. Do you have an extra car you could let someone borrow, or maybe tools in your shed that you don’t use very often that someone else could really use?

It’s taking the time to reflect on your life, how you are currently living. Take a self-inventory on your time, possessions, etc. to see how they can be leveraged more effectively to be more generous to others. What in your life are you not fully using? How can you connect with others to accomplish more, not for yourself but for other people, and give the glory to God? When you network with others in a community, you unleash and unlock tremendous value.

A final part of this inventory, which can be a difficult, painful, and yet inspirational process, is evaluating the weaknesses, failures, and losses in your life. We believe these are powerful, untapped resources that everyone can share with others.

Think about the process of creating oil, which comes from billions and billions of dying microorganisms. As time goes by, conditions such as heat and other geological aspects create the oil that powers our entire planet. A vital resource is created from death. Because we know that God is sovereign in our life, we believe that every pain and disappointment, including deaths, that we’ve all suffered create this latent resource in our life (just like oil) that, with time, can power healing for someone else and ministry to someone else. That’s a critical part of this journey – Taking your weaknesses and failures and turning them into kingdom assets.

The book of Isaiah talks about God taking our ashes and creating something beautiful from them. This is a great scripture to communicate how great things can come from our pain, sorrow, and suffering in this life.

How could we better use our resources to serve the Lord? Take some time this Thanksgiving break to inventory the blessings and under-utilized capacities, as well as assets, the Lord has provided. Engage with your family over how to bring those blessings into the lives of others more.

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