When I was in 4th grade, my mom stayed home from work sick one day. I remember sitting in class wanting to do something to make her feel better. I came up with the idea of giving her flowers. As soon as the bell rang, I rode my bike as quickly as I could to a nearby vacant lot to pick her some wildflowers. I forgot that wildflowers don’t grow in January.

I can remember my disappointment as I looked at the flowerless field. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I felt like I was a failure. I loved my mama so much, but the only expression of my love I could think of were the flowers that weren’t there.

We can make people feel that same level of failure when we teach them that stewardship is only about money. What happens if you don’t have any money? People can wrongly believe they have nothing else to offer, that real generosity is far beyond their reach, and that God only cares about their financial gifts. But God didn’t create us to just write checks. He created us to reflect His sacrificial generosity.

The greatest gift God gave was HIMSELF, the person of Christ.

Are you giving of yourself, your essence, like Christ did? Are you pouring yourself into others—or are you just giving of your excess?

Giving only from your excess costs you very little, but giving of your essence costs you everything.

Essence giving is hard. Scripture says we are like broken cisterns, our own strength runs out quickly. Thankfully, God’s resources are limitless. Because of Christ, we have access to His endless storehouses, and that’s why we are called to giving that is more than financial. Essence giving requires connecting with the Living Water.

God doesn’t just want your money—He wants all of you! That’s “Essence Giving.”

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