Kingdom Living

I love Hebrews 11:16, which says that “He is not ashamed to be called their God.” It refers to people who are longing for a better country, a heavenly one. When you put on Kingdom spectacles, life changes forever. In a new marriage with very few assets, my wife and I were robbed three times...
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The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated

A new version of The Eternity Portfolio was just released, titled The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated. Alan Gotthardt, the author, features our Chairman, Jack Alexander, in the book with guest commentary. This book provides a framework for managing your money to invest in God’s Kingdom, which addresses the financial aspects that The Reimagine Group and our...
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United Methodist Communications Department Picks up “Living Generously!”

Congregations Inspired by a Message of Giving NASHVILLE: Building a culture of benevolence can be a challenge, but by focusing on the heart of generosity, church congregations are encouraged to give of their whole lives. Living Generously is a five-part cinematic video series which follows the Donovan family as they discover the joy of giving...
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16 Creative Ways to Think About Stewardship and Generosity (No Offering Plate Required)

Are you a church leader looking for creative ways to educate your congregation about the true meaning of stewardship? Every time the word “stewardship” is mentioned, do you see people gently slide down in their church pew or move to protect their wallets? At ReImagine Generosity, we believe in whole life stewardship as Jesus taught....
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Why does Generosity need to be reimagined?

How many people, when asked for impressions of Bible-believing Christians, would choose words like “generous” and “compassionate” and “sacrificial”? According to studies, the answer is: almost none. We can’t blame it all on bad press. It’s time to look in the mirror. Yes, it is true that American Christians give more than American non-Christians. But...
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Building Community in Our Churches

As the Coaching Specialist at Reimagine, I am often asked about using our materials to help build more generous faith communities. Of course the specifics vary, but I want to share with you some helpful tips I have developed in promoting community regardless of your size or demographic. I didn’t grow up going to church,...
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Small Congregation, Big God – 4 Stewardship Ideas for Small Churches

God is Big and Faithful. No matter the size of your community, He can do big things in the lives of your church members. Here are a 4 Stewardship Ideas to help you create a church culture focused on Big Generosity. 1 Define What is Really Important Begin with Prayer. You know God is the...
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Building Community…for Yourself

  Being a pastor or in the leadership of a church can be lonely. I know because I am a pastor’s wife, and weekly I pray with the pastors of our church partners as the Coaching Specialist at Reimagine. My team and I consider it a privilege to pray for our church partners, but today...
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