Creativity: The Secret Weapon of Mercy

When we hear of a friend in need, sometimes the first thoughts to pop into our brains are excuses for why we can’t help. We might think we’re too busy, money is too tight, or that we can’t really do anything because our friend lives in another city or state. These concerns might be perfectly...
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3 reasons to begin with mercy

3 Reasons to Respond with Mercy First

We live in a world full of people who have bought in to bad doctrine. People who bring serious harm to their health, relationships, and finances as they follow worldly wisdom instead of sound biblical principles. When we witness this kind of behavior, we often find ourselves eager to respond with truth. We feel compelled...
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12 Bible Verses about Mercy

Take a look at these Bible verses about mercy to see all that God promises if we care for and show mercy to others. I believe mercy, the kind God believes in, has the power to heal relationships, to restore communities, and to empower God’s people to experience his goodness in a fresh and needed...
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Why Would People Increase Their Giving by 58%?

How did this happen? Was there a big campaign? A change in church leadership or a new vision to rally behind? Was there a financial emergency where the church’s future hung in the balance? Did someone finally come up with the ‘magic words’ that awakened guys to the financial needs of the church? None of...
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16 Creative Ways to Think About Stewardship and Generosity (No Offering Plate Required)

Are you a church leader looking for creative ways to teach about the true meaning of stewardship? Every time the word “stewardship” is mentioned, do you see people gently slide down in their seats or avoid making eye contact? At The Reimagine Group, we believe that stewardship is about our whole lives, not simply our...
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Freedom to Live and Give

The Fear of Not Enough According to Paul, Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about giving. I don’t know about you but giving doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t think any of us are born with a natural...
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Will God Provide for You and Your Family

Mars, Venus, and “Investing” I was recently reminded of the book, “Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl.” Seeing the title again made me laugh, especially as I considered how the author, Louann Lofton, cornered Buffett at one of his annual shareholders meeting where he supposedly “confessed.” The book highlights how women have a steadfastness and...
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Meet Jack Alexander, Author of The God Impulse

New from Jack Alexander The God Impulse reveals how mercy gives you the power to love in a life-changing way, and offers a practical guide to showing mercy in your life that really makes a difference. Preorder now to receive special bonuses!    
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The Father Factor

The statistics are well known. One out of three children do not have a father at home. Poverty, incarceration, education, obesity and other “bad factors” are too often the outcomes of fatherless homes. I remember sitting in church listening to my pastor talk about the spouses that he prayed for for each of his children. One...
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Redefining Stewardship

The definition of stewardship that we use at Reimagine is: Trusting in the promises of God, to deploy the gifts and resources of God, to accomplish the mission of God for the glory of God. I want to share with you the thinking behind our definition. Stewardship, at its foundation, is trusting in God to...
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