Why does Generosity need to be reimagined?

How many people, when asked for impressions of Bible-believing Christians, would choose words like “generous” and “compassionate” and “sacrificial”? According to studies, the answer is: almost none. We can’t blame it all on bad press. It’s time to look in the mirror. Yes, it is true that American Christians give more than American non-Christians. But […]

The Reimagine Team

I often am asked about our team at Reimagine who help the everyday operations of the business function. I want you to know them, and I am confident that as you do, you will come to appreciate their commitment to the Lord and faithful stewardship as much as I do. They are a group of […]

Building Community in Our Churches

As the Coaching Specialist at Reimagine, I am often asked about using our materials to help build more generous faith communities. Of course the specifics vary, but I want to share with you some helpful tips I have developed in promoting community regardless of your size or demographic. I didn’t grow up going to church, […]

Building Community…for Yourself

  Being a pastor or in the leadership of a church can be lonely. I know because I am a pastor’s wife, and weekly I pray with the pastors of our church partners as the Coaching Specialist at Reimagine. My team and I consider it a privilege to pray for our church partners, but today […]

Will God Provide for You and Your Family?

Mars, Venus, and “Investing”Mars, Venus, and “Investing” I was recently reminded of the book, “Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl.” Seeing the title again made me laugh, especially as I considered how the author, Louann Lofton, cornered Buffett at one of his annual shareholders meeting where he supposedly “confessed.” The book highlights how women have […]