Creativity: The Secret Weapon of Mercy

When we hear of a friend in need, sometimes the first thoughts to pop into our brains are excuses for why we can’t help. We might think we’re too busy, money is too tight, or that we can’t really do anything because our friend lives in another city or state. These concerns might be perfectly […]

Time to go fishing…

Where should we go? I have been reflecting on a press release that Reimagine put out last week with The Barna Group which indicated that by 5:1 Christians thought that the poor, distressed and victims were more deserving of mercy than sinners and law breakers. While we have a gospel of grace that is a […]

The power of mercy in an unmerciful world

Barna Group and Author Jack Alexander Discover a Compromised View of Mercy

A recent nationwide study by Barna Group and author Jack Alexander concluded that 83% of Christians do NOT believe that mercy is their individual responsibility, but rather the responsibility of churches and non-profits. Yet, when surveyed, the pastors of churches overwhelmingly thought that the recipients of mercy should be the poor and victims in distress rather than […]

Can You Believe This?

Do you know what all these heart-wrenching things have in common? DHS: Nearly 2,000 children separated from their parents at US-Mexico border Dow falls as US-China trade war catches fire Stand-up comic raped, murdered walking back from gig Families slept on hospital floors until one doctor started a shelter Officers killed in the line of […]

12 Bible Verses about Mercy

Take a look at these Bible verses about mercy to see all that God promises if we care for and show mercy to others. I believe mercy, the kind God believes in, has the power to heal relationships, to restore communities, and to empower God’s people to experience his goodness in a fresh and needed […]

Why Would People Increase Their Giving by 58%?

How did this happen? Was there a big campaign? A change in church leadership or a new vision to rally behind? Was there a financial emergency where the church’s future hung in the balance? Did someone finally come up with the ‘magic words’ that awakened guys to the financial needs of the church? None of […]

16 Creative Ways to Think About Stewardship and Generosity (No Offering Plate Required)

Are you a church leader looking for creative ways to teach about the true meaning of stewardship? Every time the word “stewardship” is mentioned, do you see people gently slide down in their seats or avoid making eye contact? At The Reimagine Group, we believe that stewardship is about our whole lives, not simply our […]