June 10, 2015

The Reimagine Team

I often am asked about our team at Reimagine who help the everyday operations of the business function. I want you to know them, and I am confident that as you do, you will come to appreciate their commitment to the Lord and faithful stewardship as much as I do. They are a group of...
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Building Community in Our Churches

As the Coaching Specialist at Reimagine, I am often asked about using our materials to help build more generous faith communities. Of course the specifics vary, but I want to share with you some helpful tips I have developed in promoting community regardless of your size or demographic. I didn’t grow up going to church,...
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Small Congregation, Big God – 4 Stewardship Ideas for Small Churches

God is Big and Faithful. No matter the size of your community, He can do big things in the lives of your church members. Here are a 4 Stewardship Ideas to help you create a church culture focused on Big Generosity. 1 Define What is Really Important Begin with Prayer. You know God is the...
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