“The message is Biblical, creatively written and directed, and speaks to the heart of what Kingdom stewardship is all about. I highly recommend the Living Generously series!”

Chip Ingram

“This is an excellent, accessible, and practical study experience introducing participants to the cru­cial theme of Biblical generosity.”

Tim Keller

“[These videos] are, in my opinion, simply the best tools for helping you bring home a message of God’s love, hope, sacrifice, gift, service, and Kingdom that I have ever seen. Period.”

John Trent, Ph.D.

What if you could change the culture of giving at your church? Reinspire them with the joy and freedom of giving!

Reimagine Generosity offers 3 series that each combine film and teaching for 5 weeks to immerse your church in the topic of generosity.

“I felt like it was not telling someone what they were supposed to do, but showing them the opportunity; showing them the heart behind generosity. And that’s been our focus all along: the heart. Not presenting the responsibility—‘this is what you have to do!’  but instead ‘Listen, and the Holy Spirit will tell you what you need to do.”

Sidney Brock

“It was a new approach to helping the members of the congregation talk about faithful giving. The top quality of the video clips. They were exceptional…The videos created a lot of excitement. people found the use of videos and discussion interesting….We ended the year in the black. The first time in 4-5 years.  ”

Rev. Lyle Horn

Have you noticed most stewardship resources focus on money and forget to grow people’s faith? Re-engage their faith with whole life stewardship!

Reimagine Stewardship is a 12-week interactive online course designed to teach small groups a unique perspective on stewardship - combining faith and wisdom.

“So many people spoke with me talking about how much they appreciated the sermon series. It was a new way to get people to think beyond just writing a check and how we can begin to live a life that truly is life.”

Trey Posey

“All the materials fit together so well. Everyone loved the Donovan family. And the message hit home. Many comments that it was the best stewardship we have ever done.”

Bill Funderburk

Do you want to fuel a discussion in your community that leads to action? Refresh their interest and equip them to live their faith!

Reimagine Discipleship offers cinematic short films for small groups and congregations on a variety of Biblical topics.

“I, like most pastors, dislike talking money. The great thing about these videos is that you never really talk about money you talk about stewardship through sacrificial giving, through serving, and giving of your talents. I have not preached on money, not one time, and yet we have seen major increase in our giving.”

Dr. Ternae T. Jordan

“People were moved to consider how fully they were living out their lives in response to God’s love for them.”

Rick Long