What if you could change the culture of giving at your church? Reinspire them with the joy and freedom of giving!

Reimagine Generosity offers 3 series that each combine film and teaching for 5 weeks to immerse your church in the topic of generosity.

Have you noticed most stewardship resources focus on money and forget to grow people’s faith? Re-engage their faith with whole life stewardship!

Reimagine Stewardship is a 12-week interactive online course designed to teach small groups a unique perspective on stewardship - combining faith and wisdom.

Do you want to fuel a discussion in your community that leads to action? Refresh their interest and equip them to live their faith!

Reimagine Discipleship offers cinematic short films for small groups and congregations on a variety of Biblical topics.

“The message is Biblical, creatively written and directed, and speaks to the heart of what Kingdom stewardship is all about. I highly recommend the Living Generously series!”

Chip Ingram

“This is an excellent, accessible, and practical study experience introducing participants to the cru­cial theme of Biblical generosity.”

Tim Keller

“[These videos] are, in my opinion, simply the best tools for helping you bring home a message of God’s love, hope, sacrifice, gift, service, and Kingdom that I have ever seen. Period.”

John Trent, Ph.D.