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Inspire your church to rediscover the joy and freedom of giving.
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Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough

In a world driven by scarcity, isolation and doubt, we battle the fear of not having enough —whether it’s money, time, relationships or margin. In times of loss and pain, we’re tempted to believe we are alone or that we must provide for ourselves.

In his new book, The God Guarantee, businessman and entrepreneur, Jack Alexander reveals the four-part pattern of God’s provision that Jesus follows in the Feeding of the 5,000. Stepping into this pattern transforms how we experience God’s promise of abundance, inspiring faith and hope, even in seemingly broken and hopeless circumstances.

Once we understand HOW God provides, we battle less with wondering IF He will provide for us.

Reimagine Generosity is a sermon video series that reveals the power of whole-life generosity.

It’s not easy to create a culture of generosity in your church. The Reimagine Generosity Series Set includes 3 multimedia teaching series that will help you inspire whole-life generosity in your church.

Our multi-layer process walks your congregation through the steps of Living Generously, Loving Generously, and Leading Generously, that will engage and grow your congregation, small groups, and discipleship for leaders.

Of churches who have led their congregations through Reimagine Generosity:

experienced an increase in financial giving
experienced an increase in volunteering
experienced the launch of new ministries
Inspire a Movement of Generosity in your Church

The Reimagine Generosity Series

A five-part multimedia sermon series that will transform the heart of your church through the power of whole-life generosity.

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A five-part small-group video series that will transform your relationships through the power of generosity.

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A five-part teaching series that challenges kingdom-minded leaders to serve with extreme generosity.

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Endorsement & Stories

  • This is an excellent, accessible, and practical study experience introducing participants to the cru­cial theme of Biblical generosity.

    Tim Keller
    Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC
  • The message is Biblical, creatively written and directed, and speaks to the heart of what Kingdom stewardship is all about. I highly recommend the Living Generously series!

    Chip Ingram
    Author of the Genius of Generosity